Life of Lord Buddha

―Advent of Lord Buddha
Lord Buddha was born in a beautiful garden located in a village called Lumbini, 2,500 years ago. One night, Queen Mahamaya had a dream that a white elephant with 6 golden tusks came into her body.
A hermit told Queen Mahamaya that she would give birth to a son and that the crown prince would become a great king to rule over the whole land or attain enlightenment to become a Buddha. On her journey to her parents’ home, Queen Mahamaya stopped over Lumbini Garden, where she gave birth to a son who was named Siddhartha.
When Lord Buddha was born, auspicious rain fell, the earth shook, singing of birds resounded, and flowers bloomed brilliantly. It was on April 8.


―Honored Am I Alone Throughout Heaven and Earth
Soon after his birth, Lord Buddha took 7 steps toward each of 4 directions. Then he declared, raising his right hand toward heaven and his left hand pointing at earth, “Honored am I alone throughout heaven and earth.” It means that each individual being is a unique existence in this world and therefore he is noble and respectable.

―Renouncement and Attaining Enlightenment
He could not enjoy a luxurious life as a crown prince and bothered over the fundamental suffering that would never be resolved. Thus, he abandoned his status, honor, and fortune to renounce the world at the age of 29.
After severe practices of 6 years, he abandoned asceticism. Finally, at the age of 35, he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at dawn. He reached true serenity of mind, free from all suffering.

―Journey of Propagating Buddhism
For 45 years, Lord Buddha devoted himself to preaching the true path that he had realized. That shows his great compassion that wishes happiness of all living beings.

―Entering into Nirvana
Lord Buddha untiringly continued to expound his teachings to people and serenely entered into nirvana by the twin sal trees in Kusinagara at the age of 80. It was on February 15.
Lord Buddha suffered just like us. But finally, he found the path to great nirvana, the ultimate aim for us human beings who were born in this mundane world. Lord Buddha offers us a good example as well as a clear guidance. As Lord Buddha showed us the way, each of us has a chance to become a Buddha.
His teachings were compiled into the vast volumes of sutras called as All the Scriptures of Buddhism by his disciples. These teachings of Lord Buddha spread from India to the world. The earnest wish of Lord Buddha to bring happiness to all the peoples has passed down to the present world.